Bill Schuette is on duty for polluters, not the people.

Bill Schuette can’t hide from his record. Time-and-again he’s sided with polluters over the people of Michigan. We can’t count on Bill Schuette to safeguard our drinking water or stand up for our health.

Bill Schuette’s record is clear. During his years in public office he:

Sponsored a bill to let oil companies drill in our Great Lakes

Worked to eliminate common sense air pollution protections

Voted to put American taxpayers on the hook for major oil spill cleanups

Kept the damaged Line 5 oil pipeline operating in our Great Lakes

Help us set the record straight.

Schuette Pollutey is the wrong choice for Michigan.

Schuette Pollutey

Does the bidding of big oil

Bill Schuette sponsored a bill to let oil companies drill in our Great Lakes. [1] He voted to put American taxpayers on the hook for major oil spill clean ups [2] and failed to crack down on Enbridge Energy after a massive oil spill in the Kalamazoo River. [3]

Supports pipelines in the Great Lakes

For years he’s ignored warnings and kept oil flowing through the damaged Line 5 pipeline despite having the authority [4] to shut it down during his eight years as Attorney General. Now, he wants to let a Canadian oil company build a risky new oil pipeline in the Great Lakes. [5]

Fails to stand up for our health

Schuette worked with former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and President Trump to eliminate common sense protections that curb air pollution and protect our kids from asthma. [6] [7]

Too cozy with corporate polluters

During his campaign for Attorney General, Bill Schuette got big donations from big oil companies and chemical manufacturers. [8]

Get the Facts:

1. Voted to Allow Oil Drilling Under The Great Lakes in 2001… (as State Senator). In 2001, Schuette voted in favor of GOP amendments that would have allowed drilling for oil under the Great Lakes. Both amendments passed 18-14. [HB 4257, Senate RC 148, 5/31/01; HB 4259, Senate RC 153, 5/31/01]

Voted Against Banning New Drilling in 2000. In 2000, Schuette voted against an amendment to ban new directional drilling in Michigan. The amendment failed 18-19. [HB 5691, Michigan League of Conservation Voters scorecard, 2001-2002.








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